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This course is structured to meet the specific needs of Professionals who wish to acquire expertise and specialization in the field of Takaful. Hence the course has an exclusive focus on Takaful and will give particular attention to modules that are specifically related to it. The course will emphasize practical applications of the underlying Islamic concepts and principles in the operation of Takaful.

Title Details
Frequency Once a week
Methods Lecture, Group Discussion, Self-reflection, and Case Study
Class Type On Campus and online (Hybrid mode)
Evaluation Method Quiz, Mock test, Presentation, Creative Assignments, Final exam
Course instructor Prof Dr. Masum Billah, Kazi Md. Murtaza Ali, Mirza Waliullah, Khalid Saifullah Bokshi
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What Will You Learn?

  • Appraise the processes and techniques of Takaful operation.
  • Acquire skills and competencies that will enable them to perform adequately on the job.
  • Make basic innovations in Takaful processes and products.
  • Become skilled at utilizing the opportunities offered by current developments in the Islamic Financial Industry
  • Understand fundamental aspects of Takaful, principles, and risk management.
  • Familiarize with the different models of Takaful Operations.
  • Learn the issues of accounting, investment, and Zakat in Takaful Operations.
  • Explore Shariah and the Legal Framework of Takaful Operations.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Takaful (One Session)

  • Early forms of Insurance
  • Insurance Concepts and Classifications
  • Definition and Origins of Takaful
  • Shariah’s perspective on Insurance and Takaful

Module 2: Risk Management and Takaful (one Session)

Module 3: Shariah and Legal Foundations of Takaful (One Session)

Module 4: Takaful Models and Structures (Two Sessions)

Module 5: Takaful Products and Underwriting (Two Sessions)

Module 6: Financial Aspects of Takaful (Two Sessions)

Module 7: Re-Takaful (One Session)

Module 8: Takaful Regulation and Governance (One Session)

Module 9: Takaful Industry, Future and Challenges (One Session)

Module 10: Case Studies on Takaful (One Session)

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